Start pursuing a career as an assistant
fashion buyer, merchandiser or trend researcher.
Meet with Int'l brand buyers & managers.

  • limited


  • 4 weeks


  • 9.9.2018

    starting date

  • 2.10.2018

    ending date

  • 6:00 pm - 10:00 pm

    Sunday & Tuesday

  • 13,000


  • Available for the first time in the Middle East, this unique program is conducted by the buyer of RALPH LAUREN & ETRO.


    Registration is open

    An intensive short course giving an insight into the daily world of a fashion buyer, The course is implemented by the former fashion buyer of Prada and Valentino who will provide an insight on how to execute and develop an eye for the right buying process. Store visits and meetings with int'l brand buyers & managers organized.

    Level: Post graduate
    Fashion retail professionals
    Fashion marketing & Fashion business graduates

    This course will prepare aspiring fashion buyers to start a career in the global fashion market by sharpening your knowledge about trends, markets, collection selections and buying analysis. It will also enable you to start pursuing a career as an assistant fashion buyer, merchandiser or trend researcher.

    Fashion Buying Certificate

    Registration fee: aed 1 600 vat included (non refundable). 
    + Full tuition fee payment at registration.
    Payment as per the above term is required before the start of the course.
    No refund of tuition fee (full or partial) in case of drop out. No catch up sessions for sessions not attended.

  • Ghada Alhupaishi

    Sauvage franchise US brand owner

    I joined the Fashion Buying Workshop at Esmod Dubai because I currently own a franchise for the US brand “Sauvage” in the GCC. My shop sources 30% of the stock from other brands.The knowledge that I gained from this course helped me to be a more efficient and an effective buyer to meet the needs of my customers.
  • Romy Chelala

    I was amazed to learn something new even from the first class. I have learned about the different types of shops and how different their buying strategies will be.