Get the vital managerial skills to successfully run operations in the fashion and luxury goods industry

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  • 3 months


  • 21.2.2018

    starting date

  • 16.5.2018

    ending date

  • 6:00 pm - 10:00 pm


  • 16,800


  • Develop your competitive edge with a managerial creative approach in one of the most exclusive sector.


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    Level: Post graduate
    Previous undergraduate study in marketing or similar,
    or proven work experience in the field.

    The Luxury Brand Management course will provide an insight into the international luxury sector, including Ready-to wear, Haute Couture , Accessories, Watches & Jewelry and Perfumes. During the course the student will acquire the knowledge of of managing all aspects of a luxury brand, from product development process to price strategies. How to work with Marketing & PR departments to ensure that the promotion activities are aligned with the brands vision and looking after the retail environment. The Luxury Brand Manager is the guardian of the brand and a sought-after role within the international luxury houses. The LBM course allows students to have a clear perspective of the management of luxury brands in order to pursue a career in the luxury sector. After completing the course , the Graduate will be able to apply the knowledge in the field of brand management, marketing and retail.

    Registration fee: aed 1 600 vat included (non refundable). 
    + Full tuition fee payment at registration
    Payment as per the above term is required before the start of the course. 
    No refund of tuition fee (full or partial) in case of drop out. No catch up sessions for sessions not attended. Maximum numbers per class group apply.
    Classes are subject to cancellation if minimum numbers are not met. If minimum numbers are not met, tuition fees are refunded.

  • Ashar Khan

    Faspiration modest fashion brand owner

    I am launching my own modest fashion brand called Aspiration. I learned about the strategies that luxury brands are using and using this knowledge to implement them for our online sales and promotion.
  • Omar Salama

    Harper’s Bazaar Editorials & Creative solutions.

    I learned a lot about marketing, in general, and the fashion industry, in particular. I use this knowledge every day in my work at Harper’s Bazaar. The Luxury Brand Management program at Esmod Dubai gave me a great start to my career.