Get the most important skills to built Sales Forecasts,
predict sales and create new Buying Plans.

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  • 24 sessions - 96hrs


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  • 6:00 pm - 10:00 pm

    Monday & Wednesday


    This Masterclass will guide you to understand the main criteria and different approaches which a Fashion Buyer and a Visual Merchandiser needs to be aware of. 
    The program is for business graduates willing to start a fashion career and for those who work in the fashion industry planning to grow professionally in a retail fashion segment.
    During the course, you will be fully aware of the Buyer’s and Visual merchandiser’s role in retail environment, how it drives sales and improves business.
    You will get the most important skills to built sales Forecasts, finding the right indicators, predicting sales and creating new Buying Plans.

    The Masterclass will provide you with a keen understanding of all critical elements and details of Visual Merchandising. You will learn about all responsibilities and daily tasks.You will also get the essential skills of store layouts, merchandising techniques, window design and planning which are extremely vital to understand the whole process and much more.  

    By completing the course, you will be confident to prepare a Market Segmentation overview, Brand Mapping, product positioning of your product among the competitors, full buying process mechanism, placement deadlines orders for Brand owner or supplier. 
    You will learn how to take the right decisions on product flow and understand the meaning of Inventory Control vs your purchases and sales performance.

    Level: Post graduate - Fashion industry professionals


    Buying & Visual Merchandising Masterclass