This 1 week textile workshop is for beginners
wishing to learn various textile embellishment & manipulation techniques in an intensive course.

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  • 1 week


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  • 10:00 am - 5:00 pm

    Sunday to Thursday

  • Ever see those cool hand decorated t-shirts and denim jackets on Instagram and Pinterest and wanted to learn to create your own to wear or sell?

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    This experimental 1 week workshop will suit beginners wishing to explore creative textiles through a hand on approach. Traditional rules of these craft based pastimes will be broken with a highly experimental approach taken with strong fashion influences. A large variety of samples, visuals and hands on demonstrations in our new "Textile Lab" will stimulate your creative ideas and over the course of 1 Week students will learn the basics of fabric embellishment. Learn many techniques that you can use to up-cycle and embellish an existing garment.

    Sunday 10 am-1pm
    A theory session with samples and charts to explain fabric types and fibres to help build students fabric knowledge.

    Sunday 2pm-5pm
    Learn the art of dyeing, how to mix dyes to create tie-dye/shibori patterns. Please bring a white cotton t-shirt for dye experiments. Some time will be spent for research and planning for the following day and materials/supplies discussed, please bring in garment you wish to transform.

    Monday 10am-1pm 
    First session of fabric manipulations covering applique, reverse applique, patchwork and simple embroidery and couching techniques.

    Monday 2pm-5pm 
    This session will cover the creative uses of wet media, i.e, fabric paints. Demonstrations of stencilling and hand painted backgrounds methods of applying colour to fabric in a creative way.

    Tuesday independent research 
    Use this day to explore Dubai’s various fabric and notion sectors and purchase any additional supplies or continue independent research to find ideas to transform your garment.

    Wednesday 10am-1pm
    Begin to put what we have learnt into practise and start the process to transform an existing garment into a work of art.

    Wednesday 2pm-5pm
    Continue with embellishing your garment using a creative mixed media approach.

    Thursday 10am-1pm 
    Continue with embellishing your garment.

    Thursday 2pm-5pm
    Complete your transformed garment, take photos and prepare portfolio of samples and notes.

    Most of the materials/tools will be supplied within the course. We have a variety of fabrics and yarns that can be used in the sampling stage, but students will need to purchase their own for larger pieces or select colours. Students should bring a white cotton t-shirt and garment they wish to embellish (denim jackets and shirts work well) an A4 binder with plastic pockets, phone or camera to document your transformation. Students will need to purchase additional fabric paints, studs, beads, trims etc to complete their garment transformation, any other supplies will be advised by the teacher before the class.
    Anyone and beginners passionate for craftsmanship, wishing to explore textiles decoration & embellishment.




    Continuous assessment and feedback by the teacher will be given during the course.
    Final textile portfolio review.
    After completing the course Student can continue with Textile Creation Level 1 upon final portfolio assessment.


    ESMOD Dubai Creative Textile Embellishment Certificate.