The most effective training in the Middle East
to get into the Professional Fashion Makeup Industry.

  • morning session

  • evening session

  • 11


  • 2 Months 1/2


  • 25.9.2023

    starting date

  • 29.11.2023

    ending date

  • 10:00 am - 1:00 pm

    Monday & Wednesday

  • 11


  • 2 Months 1/2


  • 26.9.2023

    starting date

  • 30.11.2023

    ending date

  • 6:00 pm to 9:00 pm

    Tuesday & Thursday

  • Students benefit from exclusive NYX & Shiseido professional products
  • 1.Theory 1:
    a.Color wheel theory 
    b.Color correction
    c.Warm vs. cool undertone
    d.Foundation and skin types
    e.Face shapes and correction

    Theory 2: 
    a.Eye shapes and correction 
    b.Eyebrow correction
    c.Lips correction
    d.Brushes types and usage
    e.Brushes hygiene 
    f.Products expiration

    Face preparation: 
    Application steps including: (primer, correction, foundation, highlight & contour)

    4.Extra focus on face preparation.
    5.Banana style (closed and open) Demo & practice
    6.Extra focus – Banana style. Practice Class
    7.Fan style - Demo & Practice
    8.Extra focus – Fan style Practice Class
    9.Eyeliner and eyelashes – Demo & Practice
    10.Smokey style – Demo & Practice
    11.Extra focus – Smokey style Practice Class
    12.Product knowledge – Market Research
    13.Self Makeup Application 
    14.Artistic makeup and Practice
    15.Media Makeup: Theory – TV, Photoshoot & fashion Show Practice
    16.Mock Exam 
    17.Bridal Makeup (Theory and Demo) – Practice
    18.Revision 1 (Banana and Fan style)
    19.Revision 2 (Smokey style and Bridal makeup)
    20.Final Exam – Graduation 

    • Individuals wishing to work in the Beauty Industry
    • Individuals with a keen interest in Professional Makeup
    • Professionals looking for advanced makeup techniques

    1 set of professional brushes
    Makeup products


    Our complete training covers what it takes to get into the industry as a freelance makeup artist.


    Continuous assessment and feedback 
    by the Trainer during the course, mockup exam 
    + final exam.

    ESMOD Dubai Professional Fashion Makeup
  • Make Up Demo Eye Lashes

    Make Up Demo Eye Lashes

  • Make Up Demo Smokey Eyes

    Make up demo smokey eyes

  • Dubai One reportage

    What it takes to become a pro make up artist

    Out and About Dubai One TV Reportage

  • Christina K.

    Owner of O’ My Glamour!

    "Attending the Professional Make-up course at ESMOD Dubai was one of the best decisions I made for my career! In January 2012, I launched my own business based in Dubai, a Lifestyle Consultancy offering Professional Make-up, Fashion Styling and Personal Shopping services. I am blessed to have turned my passion into a business and studying at ESMOD Dubai gave me the professional qualification and confidence to pursue my dream."
  • Neha S.

    Dubai based Freelance Make Up Artist

    "I got my makup certification from ESMOD Dubai in January 2012. It was the most enriching experience I have had. Trainers are one of the most experienced and leading Makeup Artists of the region. They have been great mentors and with their teaching skills they not only imparts knowledge but are also very approachable and helpful. Since my certification, I have worked with several leading publications, photographers and even video commercials. A heartfelt thank you to ESMOD Dubai and Trainers for helping me through this wonderful journey!"                                  
  • Nitasha S.

    Make Up Artist & Event Manager at Kryolan Gulf

    "The Professional Make Up Course at ESMOD Dubai helped me kick start my career. After the 8 weeks intensive course  I had a good all round knowledge in Makeup and was confident and hungry to develop my dream of being in the makeup and fashion world. The Trainer is an absolute star, creative, approachable and friendly. I enjoyed the course immensely and met some wonderful people. It has been an honour to be taught by someone as talented and gifted as her."