48 hours of live online sessions with your own Luxury brand development expert to get the vital managerial skills to successfully run operations in the fashion
and luxury goods industry

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  • 12 sessions - 48hrs


  • 11.1.2021

    starting date

  • 28.1.2021

    ending date

  • 11:00 am - 3:00 pm

    Monday to Thursday

  • Including Post COVID-19 strategies, this online Masterclass will develop your competitive edge with a managerial creative approach in one of the most exclusive sector.
    Taught by the former Chanel Woven’s Director,  Givenchy Product Development & Production Manager, Bonpoint Collections & Product Operations Director.

    The Luxury Brand Management course aims to provide a 360 degree insight into the international luxury sector, including Ready-to wear, Haute Couture , Accessories, Watches & Jewelry and Perfumes. 
    During the course the student will acquire the knowledge of managing all aspects of a luxury brand, from the design and product development process to basic financial understanding on pricing and costing.

    It will also provide an insight into the complex global supply chains that brand have to manage. The course will provide an overview of how Marketing & PR departments work in sync with the management’s vision of the brand that is aimed at maximising shareholder value while upholding strong brand DNAs.

    The LBM course allows students to have a clear perspective of the management of luxury brands, the context of luxury in the GCC market, analyse where the students passion lies, identify the different roles that exist and which one suits best the student.  
    In todays constantly evolving markets with geo-politically, the course will touch on brands which are currently dealing with COVID-19 and discuss different scenarios for to sucessfully navigate this unprecedented global crisis.

    It will provide the necessary tools to elevate your understanding and how to leverage your previous experience to successfully pursue a career in the luxury sector.

    After completing the course , the Graduate will be able to apply the acquired knowledge in the field of brand management, product development, production, marketing and omni-channel sales. 

    The course assessment is carried through
    - PPT class lectures,
    - Case studies 
    - Class exercises,
    - Guest speakers,
    - Exam,
    - Homework assignments,

    ESMOD Dubai Post-Graduate Luxury Brand Development Masterclass Certificate


    1/ An overview of the Luxury Sector

    •Introduction and Meaning of Luxury
    •History of luxury
    •Luxury brand characteristics and identity
    •Brand Codes and symbols
    •Brand characteristics
    •Overview of luxury brands across segments
    •What is “accessible” luxury
    •Overview of evolving luxury fashion landscape
    •What is “accessible” luxury
    •Main fashion hubs - Paris, Milan, London, New York
    •New rising hubs - Berlin, Amsterdam, Seoul, L.A., Melbourne

    2/ Luxury Brand Organisation
    •Sample of an organisation chart of a luxury brand

    3/ The role of a design studio in the creative process
    •Creative/Artistic Directors role
    •Design studio composition and various roles

    4/ Product Development and Production
    •Product Value Chain - from Idea to Store (or DTC)
    •Product Development & Production  - process and functions overview
    •Global sourcing networks - fabrics, trims, embroideries and manufacturing
    •Pricing and Costing
    •CSR and Sustainability

    5/ Buying and Merchandising
    •Buying and Merchandising functions - overview
    •Thinking global, buying local - evolving customer trends
    •Visual Merchandising roles and responsibilities

    6/ Omni Channel Selling -
    digital and brick & mortar

    •Retail overview - global and GCC
    •Excellence in Client Experience 
    (Online and traditional retail)
    •Digital Strategy customised by brand objectives
    and target market

    Retail landscape analysis & projection 
    during and post COVID-19

    7/ Supply Chain, IT Management and HR
    •The role of support functions such as Supply Chain
    and IT to pivot brand growth
    •Role of HR, recruitment and training

    8/ Marketing, communication and PR
    •Fundamentals of marketing and differences between segments (fashion/jewellery/beauty)
    •Changing landscape  - rise of social media vs traditional marketing (rise of influencers)
    •The role of PR and events in marketing  - guest speaker session
    •Harmonising Brand Image with HQ vision across products and markets-challenges and risks for  
     luxury brands
    •Fashion Styling - guest speaker session

    9/ Creating, sustaining and scaling up Luxury Brands of tomorrow
    •Industry 4.0 and luxury - innovations in textiles, manufacturing and emerging technologies
    •Rethinking and reshaping luxury post covid - industry discussions
    •Sustainable brand development with long term vision

    Rethinking and reshaping luxury post COVID-19


    On successful completion of the course, individuals will be fully prepared for careers at the operations and strategic levels in management, marketing, branding, advertising, buying,
    PR and communication.

  • Ashar Khan

    Faspiration modest fashion brand owner

    "I am launching my own modest fashion brand called Aspiration. I learned about the strategies that luxury brands are using and using this knowledge to implement them for our online sales and promotion".
  • Omar Salama

    Harper’s Bazaar Editorials & Creative solutions.

    "I learned a lot about marketing, in general, and the fashion industry, in particular. I use this knowledge every day in my work at Harper’s Bazaar. The Luxury Brand Management program at Esmod Dubai gave me a great start to my career".