Fashion Design Undergraduate Program validation system

  • The program is fully licensed by the Knowledge & Human Development Authority ( KHDA ), Govt of Dubai.

    The curriculum being conceived by ESMOD France, the Fashion Design Bachelor Program is part of the L.M.D. (Bachelor-Master-Doctoral) system which aims to unify European Higher learning Institutions and to ease diploma equivalencies in order to facilitate mobility and the continuation of studies. It is accompanied by a system of accumulated study credits known as ECTS

    The Fashion Design Undergraduate Program curriculum is in every way equivalent to the one taught at ESMOD France. The Title Styliste Designer Mode” earned by the students is issued by ESMOD France - co-signed by ESMOD Dubai and is recognized and accepted by professionals of the fashion industry and is the French equivalent to the bachelor degree recognized internationally.

    The Fashion Design Undergraduate Program duration is of 3 years.

    • 2nd year: a mandatory internship of 4 to 5 weeks followed by an internship report
    • 3rd year: a mandatory internship of 3 to 6 months followed by an internship report

    • To be awarded the diploma “Styliste Designer Mode” please read the following
      Since February 2016, ESMOD Dubai follows the ECTS credit system. 180 ECTS Credits are necessary to be awarded the diploma of “Styliste Designer Mode”.
      • Year 1: 60 Credits
      • Year 2: 60 Credits
      • Year 3: 50 Credits
      • After year 3: mandatory internship (3-months minimum) + internship report: 10 Credits
      After validation of the year 3 student’s internship report, and if the 180 ECTS are validated the student receives the Title of “Styliste Designer Mode” co-signed by ESMOD France.

      ESMOD France’s Title is registered at Level II 
      In France, according to the professional titles of 1969 which are currently in effect, level II corresponds to competence for a Bachelor or Master degree. It defines those employees holding jobs which usually require training at a level comparable to a bachelor or master degree (in operational context). 
      Students who do not complete the year 3 internship or have not completed a Baccalaureate diploma (or equivalent) will only be eligible to be awarded the French Higher Diploma.