ESMOD Dubai brings contemporary French Art to Sunset Mall Dubai.

by Lilly in ESMOD Dubai News , the 04.05.14
  • It has always been ESMOD Dubai’s endeavor to give its students access to outstanding art and to promote art in Dubai.
  • Yesterday ESMOD Dubai has celebrated the Opening of (MUSES), an exhibition with outstanding French female art at Sunset Mall Dubai. The atmosphere was artsy and relaxed. Guests got the chance to talk to the present artists for first-hand information about the inspiration behind the art pieces.

    As art and fashion go inseparably together it has always been ESMOD Dubai’s endeavor to give its students access to outstanding art and to promote art in Dubai. This pop-up exhibition is a collaboration with Rofaïda Zaïd, owner of the virtual Rofaïda Zaïd Gallery.

    One of the exhibitors is the French exceptional artist Corine Pagny who is collaborating with ESMOD Dubai for many years. In her art she captures movement and emotions with impressive sketches made of charcoal, watercolors and acrylic paint.

    Then there is Cat Sirot who presents a stunning art with a surprise effect – striking at daylight and illuminated in the dark. The secret behind is a glowing-in-the-dark textures that she transfers onto glass installed in front of a painting.

    Two large art pieces by Magdalena Lamri make the visitor pause and get lost in the melancholic paintings with precise drawings. As you loose yourself in the pictures you feel as if the depicted persons are either appearing or vanishing. 
  • Other artists in the exhibition are Nathalie Leverger with intense paintings under the leitmotif “fishing, and Anne Deleporte presenting her unique method of discovering images in the process of art making. She collects newspapers from all over the world and turns them into huge art pieces with a kind of opposite of making a collage. For this exhibition she worked on small canvases to make her art more accessible.

    Further #EsmodDubai and Rofaïda Zaïd present Jeannie Weissglass’ sensual paintings, Laure Devenelle’s installation made of Origami tulips and even more Origami by Hakima El Djoudi.
    The exciting mix of impressive contemporary female French artist is an exhibition not to me missed! Hurry up – the exhibition runs only until tomorrow, May 5th 2014!

    At the ESMOD Fashion store on first floor at Sunset Mall you will find more art pieces and art-inspired fashion by ESMOD’s Incubator Designers. Looking for a unique summer dress that will make you stand out from a crowd – you’ll find it here!