Transferable skills are abilities you will acquire throughout
your education at Esmod Dubai.
These skills are key to your career success.

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  • 13/09/2020

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  • In today’s workplace, hirers now search for candidates who thrive wearing many hats and are able to swiftly adapt to new work situations, making transferable skills even more important than before.
  • Hard skills
    The hard skills you will acquire at ESMOD are quantifiable and unique to the profession of fashion designer. 
    They are:
    • Monitoring fashion trends.
    • Conducting market research. 
    • Source fabrics and trims. 
    • Seek design inspiration.
    • Design womenswear collections.
    • Design menswear collections.
    • Design kids wear collections.
    • Managing design process from conception through to final styling. 
    • Embellishing textile.
    • Creating production sketches and technical drawings for development packages.
    • Create design designs with Adobe Illustrator & Photoshop.
    • Create layouts with Adobe Indesign.
    • Develop collection plans.
    • Present fashion stories, mood, color boards, and samples.
    • Study and analyze design from technical perspective.
    • Producing patterns and technical specifications.
    • Cut and sew patterns into sample garments.
    • Sewing on industrial sewing machines.
    • Constructing garments.
    • Modify patterns.
    • Supervising fitting sessions.
    • Reviewing product for style and fit during presentation.
    • Manage social media tools.
    • Model casting.
    • Fashion photography.

    Soft skills
    They are increasingly sought after by employers:
    • Written and spoken communication skills.
    • Problem-solving skills.
    • Organizational skills. 
    • Time management, the ability to set and meet deadlines.
    • Short and long-term goal setting and achievement.
    • Creative thinking, curiosity and imagination.
    • Research, information gathering, and analytic skills.
    • Attention to detail.
    • Negotiation and persuasion skills.
    • Meeting facilitation and presentation skills.
    • Sensitivity to others.
    • Listening skills.
    • Conflict resolution.
    • Motivating co-workers.
    • Cooperation skills
    • Respectful delegation.
    • Reading body language.
    • Team work.
    • Dealing with office politics.
  • Simin Luo

    2018 Graduate

    “Studying in Esmod Dubai‭, ‬not only I learned professional fashion design and pattern making‭. ‬
    I gained self confidence and figured out what I need to do for my life‭. ‬I got many life opportunities through hard studies as well as many options to choose from‭. ‬I I also learned how to manage people relationships in the work place‭. ‬I spent a wonderful time in Esmod Dubai‭".‬
    2018‭ ‬Graduate‭ ‬
    Simin Luo
  • Simran Kamra

    2018 Graduate

    “As a student at Esmod Dubai‭, ‬I have been able to explore my horizons by challenging and pushing myself beyond the limits which wouldn’t have been possible without the teachers’‭ ‬deep and thorough knowledge about fashion‭. ‬The skills and techniques taught to us are extremely valuable for the coming future‭ ‬and I‭, ‬as a student feel prepared to jump into the real world”‭.
    2018‭ ‬Graduate‭ ‬
    Simran Kamra
  • Kimya Gholizadeh

    2018 Graduate

    “All my life i was thinking about the connection of art and society‭, ‬fashion is the only form of art is reachable and understandable by most people‭ . ‬Here at Esmod dubai I learned to link my inner art to the outside world‭. ‬Using the high tailoring and designing techniques‭. ‬I am leaving this school with two full and heavy hands‭ ; ‬one full of precious moments and amazing memories with‭ ‬my loving teachers and life lasting friends‭, ‬and two is a hand full of self confidence in my carrier because i have learned to‭ ‬give life to any idea that comes to my head thanks to esmod dubai’s team‭.‬”
    2018‭ ‬Graduate‭ ‬
    Kimiya Gholizadeh