History of garments and fashion through ages covering areas which have influenced and marked its evolution
from Egypt up to today's latest trends.

  • Limited


  • 1 week


  • 17.1.2022

    starting date

  • 25.1.2022

    ending date

  • 6:00 pm - 8:00 pm

    Monday to Thursday

  • The lecture is conducted by the Art Director of ESMOD Dubai.
  • “To be creative and new, you need to know what has happened before, and react against it, You have to be aware of what has happened in fashion to be truly innovative.”

    Fashion being a mirror of sociology and lifestyle, their influence will be revealed as well as their impact on today’s fashion. The iconic fashion designer's history and their creations which have influenced the fashion industry will be presented.

    Daily Webex Live Online lecture
    900 slides
    • Egypt
    • Roman
    • Greece
    • Middle Ages
    • Persia
    • Bizance
    • Medieval Fashion
    • Italian Renaissance
    • Versailles Fashion
    • Restoration
    • Revolution & Empire
    • Romantic
    • Victorian Era
    • La belle époque
    • French Revolution Fashion
    • The birth of Haute Couture
    • The birth of department stores
    • 1914’s Fashion
    • 1920’s Fashion
    • 1930’s Fashion
    • 1940’s Fashion
    • 1950’s Fashion
    • 1960’s Fashion
    • 1970’s Fashion
    • 1980’s Fashion
    • 1990’s Fashion
    • 2000’s Fashion
    • 2010’s Fashion
    • 2020’s Fashion
    By the end of the course you will be able to:

    - Understand the evolution of garments 
      throughout ages.
    - Aquire a deep fashion culture necessary
      to work in the fashion industry.
    - Know the vocabulary of key historical garments details.
    - Apply & integrate details of iconic garment
      into your designs.

    - Learn Fashion from the #1 French Fashion School
      in the world.
    - Learn in the comfort of your home from your computer
      or on the go from any mobile device.
    - Registration is open throughout the year.
    - Study wherever you are.

    No age limitation or requirements.

    ESMOD Dubai History Of Fashion Certificate.