You love fashion and want to discover what it takes to become a Designer ? the Level 1 is where to start from.
Join the class physically in Dubai or Online.

  • morning session

  • evening session

  • Limited


  • 3 month


  • 18.9.2024

    starting date

  • 5.12.2024

    ending date

  • 9:30 am - 1:30 pm

    Wednesday & Thursday

  • Limited


  • 3 month


  • 16.9.2024

    starting date

  • 9.12.2024

    ending date

  • 5:00 pm - 9:00 pm

    Monday & Wednesday

  • Gain an insight into the fashion design process used by industry professionals.
  • From Western clothing to modest wear & Abaya, learn the fashion design process used by industry professionals.


    You will discover 
    • What it takes to become a fashion designer.
    • The secrets of creative design thinking.
    • The fashion designers process to design collections.
    You will learn
    1. How to create innovative designs.
    2. The famous ESMOD Fashion Design Creative Process.
    3. Fashion drawing / faces and bodies.
    4. Hand coloring techniques using markers.
    5. Creative research, inspiration & fashion trends.
    6. Moodboard creation.
    7. Garment design.
    8. Garment technical drawing.
    9. Collection development.
    10. Collection plan.
    11. Collection portfolio.

    Your benefits
    • Learn from the #1 French Fashion School.
    • Registration is open throughout the year.
    • The program is conducted by Professional Fashion Designers
    • No age limitation or requirements.
    • Course continuously updated with current trends.
    • Exercises and demonstration provided with examples.
    • Free Bonus Fashion Designers Tips & Tricks
    ESMOD Dubai Fashion Workshop Certificate

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    Anyone who wants to get into the industry and has a keen interest in Fashion design.
    Students who need a foundation course prior to entering in the Undergraduate Fashion Design Program.




    Continuous assessment and feedback by the teacher will be given during the course.
    Final portfolio review.

    After completing Workshop Level 1 Student can continue with Level 2 upon final portfolio assessment. The course may lead to a direct acceptance to the ESMOD Fashion Design Undergraduate Program.


    ESMOD Dubai
    Fashion Design Workshop Level 1 Certificate.

  • Fatima Q.

    ESMOD Dubai Workshop Student from Bahrain

    "I am a starting fashion designer. Since my ESMOD Dubai Fashion Design Workshop in 2009 my life has changed. I was 21 years old and searching for my path. Through my teachers kindness, help and support I found my place in the fashion industry. After the workshop I have been teaching summer classes to teenagers and spreading fashion fever around my country. I work with charity through fashion and I own a fashion blog."
  • Noor

    ESMOD Dubai Workshop Student MORNING SESSION

    "At my time in ESMOD Dubai, my teacher Canella was an amazing mentor. She is also an amazingly talented designer, very creative and really inspirational. She is an excellent teacher with fabulous motivational skills and a wonderful person as a whole. Being at ESMOD Dubai really helped me learn alot about fashion design and has also helped me think outside the box."