Give a second life to your wardrobe.
Step into the world of Sustainable Fashion
with our eco-conscious program dedicated to
Upcycling & Clothing Reconstruction.

  • Limited


  • 1 Month


  • 1.7.2024

    starting date

  • 24.7.2024

    ending date

  • 9:30 am - 1:30 pm

    Monday & Wednesday

  • Sustainable Fashion is Now. Our future depends on creative design thinking to be smarter with our textile waste.
  • Surprise yourself with a world of creativity.
    Sustainable Fashion will teach you how to love our clothes again. Upcycle, Redesign & Repair is one of the 7 forms of Sustainable Fashion Green Strategy. 

    This fully hands-on practical program teaches 
    the eco-conscious within you to:
    • Open your wardrobe and become creative
    • To give a new life to unused garments
    • To repurpose them into new fashion
    • To accessorize for a new product life cycle

    You will learn the ESMOD Deconstruction / Reconstruction methodology, thinking outside of the box by using key parts of various garments and reassemble them together to create completely different wearable pieces or other items. 

    Creativity, experimentation, harmonization, personalization, embellishment, shifting the way you create are the core aspects embedded into of this program. 

    Design thinkers are uniquely placed to meet today's sustainability challenges. Today's designer's work isn't defined simply by what they produce, but what comes before and after.

    Become one of them,
    Be the change. 
    Take part of the Sustainable Fashion Revolution. 
    Join the program to MAKE YOUR OWN CLOTHES !

    Eco-conscious - Eco-friendly individuals
    Creative minds who want to contribute positively
    to the environment through fashion.




    Continuous assessment and feedback
    given during the course. Portfolio && photoshoot of produced garments.


    ESMOD Dubai Sustainable Upcycling Fashion Certificate.