ESMOD Dubai is affiliated with GEMS
on value adding fashion academic programs
that benefit their secondary students
throughout their high school career and onward.

  • Exclusive offers are available to GEMS students & members through Esmod Dubai GEMS Uniconnect.
  • Partnership
    Recognized as the leader in Fashion Education,
    we partner with UniConnect to guide and educate GEMS students in the field of fashion to further pursue their passion and higher education at ESMOD Dubai.

    Enrichment programs
    Affiliated with GEMS Education in their Center of Excellence at WSO, we develop enrichment fashion programs to create unique student pathway and experience learning.


    10% tuition fee reduction for all programs

    Undergraduate Fashion Design & Creation Program
    15% tuition fee reduction on the 1st Term
    for students with a final average of 90-94%

    20% tuition fee reduction on the 1st Term
    for students with a final average of 95-100%

    Summer Program
    20% tuition fee reduction
    to top 15 fashion-interested students
    upon selection of students portfolios.

    1 week internships for GEMS students upon availability.

    Exclusive backstage volunteers of selective fashion interested GEMS students at ESMOD Dubai annual Graduation Fashion Shows.

    Priority to GEMS students given to participate in ESMOD Dubai Fashion Competitions in 2020.