When your passion for fashion
comes with analytical and math skills.

    He looks after the supplying of various materials and supplies. In collaboration with the Product Manager and the Fashion Designer, he places the fabric orders necessary for the collections. The Textile Buyer has good fabric knowledge as well as good management skills (for orders, follow-up of the collection calendar, payment of supplier and so on). He must have very good knowledge of technical aspects of a product (such as fabric weights, threads, printing, fabric finishing).

    In charge of the organization and the productive capacity for a manufacturing unit, the Production Manager must also determine production objectives (costs, quality, quantity ). He sets up the production program while considering the ups and downs of each manufacturing service. He manages the production team and determines investment needs. Management qualities, competence in manufacturing methods and logistics are necessary for this position.

    The Product Manager has an important role within the different sectors of the textile apparel network. According to the firm's strategey, he must define, manufacture and sell garment lines to buyers. He must be able to make a quality offer that is in adequate with the market's needs. He watches over the constant commercial performance of his products and is guarantor for their profitability. A Product Manager acquires the necessary information about the current market and his competitors. He also analyses the sales records. The product manager must have good technical knowledge of the garment. He must be a good team manager, have a sense of analysis, be well organised and have good relational qualities. He should have a good understanding of garments, fashion and its evolution.

    When your eye is on fashion but your mind is on business, a career in the fields of fashion marketing might be right for you.