The goal, our students share with us,
is their international success as esteemed ESMOD Dubai Graduates.

  • We mentor our students to develop their ability to produce meticulous expressions of fashion design.

  • To those aspiring to be valued members of the global fashion industry, we invite you to join us in professional partnership.

    ESMOD Dubai Vision
    To be the leading fashion education provider in the Middle East and to contribute to the creative and economic growth of the UAE by shaping the next leaders of the region’s fashion industry with French professionalism.

    ESMOD Dubai Mission
    To reveal and nurture the creative individuality, aesthetic sense and superior garment making skills of students through our unique practical methodology appraised by the fashion industry and to support our Alumni in the establishment of their own fashion businesses.

    We assist and mentor our students to develop their ability to produce meticulous expressions of fashion design.

    We stimulate their drive for excellence, their entrepreneurship and their eagerness to experiment with ‘breaking the mould’.

    Innovation and creativity are essential themes of our teaching methodology and curriculum.
 Our constantly updated program follow the ever changing fashion trends.

    We encourage our students and staff to communicate freely and openly and to engage in enquiry that is informed by both intellectual rigour and research of fashion industry disciplines and techniques.

    Our uniquely collaborative learning environment is an ideal setting for a vibrant mix of personalities to flourish. It allows our students and staff to express a range of opinions, ambitions and desires.
  • Students participating in our highly interactive learning processes find this to be a compelling education experience: they develop new skills to expand their capacity for leadership and lifelong personal development by engaging in reflection and self-analysis.

    Through the partnership we forge with individual students, they acquire the core skills of professionally trained design practitioners. 

    They are ready to embrace change and can easily adapt to emerging trends and new technologies.

    We stay in touch with our students after graduation. They are capable of taking a leadership role in the international fashion industry and of making a significant contribution 
to the fashion industry.

    As active participants in our many industry associations, our graduates represent the qualities and traditions
 that are the distinguishing features of ESMOD Dubai.

    Our graduates are living embodiments of the ESMOD Dubai Philosophy.