Get the marketing keys in 4 months
to setup your own fashion business

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  • 4 months


  • 25.6.2024

    starting date

  • 10.10.2024

    ending date

  • 6:00 pm - 8:00 pm

    Tuesday & Thursday

  • Metaverse strategies & new business models, this Masterclass will take you through the fashion industry professions & career paths to develop your competitive edge with a managerial creative approach

    With immense competition and numerous emerging fashion brands, it is crucial to know your market and your competitors before launching any brand.
    This program will enlighten you with step by step into the reality where business and marketing are totally linked.

    Fashion entrepreneurs will enjoy this dynamic course, marketing techniques delivered by a top professional expert in the field, discovering how the marketing has evoluated these last years through sustainability, social medial and fast fashion.

    The program is structured in complementary modules providing the deepening of different actions of fashion marketing from the analysis of the Fashion System to the study of fashion marketing, communication techniques, from the detailed analysis of the different aspects of brand management and merchandising.

    Whether you are looking to start your carreer in the fashion industry , an entrepreneur looking to start a new brand, or upgrade your skills to scale up your business, or a manager looking for new opportunities or to sharpen your skills, this course aims at providing complete knowledge and overview of this new landscape to candidates who seek to acquire new skills and better prepare their own career plan in the fashion industry.

    The course assessment is carried through
    • PPT class lectures, 
    • International Guest speakers 
    • Case studies & exercise
    • Homework assignments.  
    • Project thesis

    After completing the course, the Graduate will gain an in-depth understanding of the fashion industry structure, career options as well as the new business models which have emerged post-covid as the program compares how a traditional and new age direct to client brands are managed and will be fully prepared for careers at the operations and strategic levels in management, marketing, branding, product development, production & retail online & offline.

    For Students residing in the UAE and the ones coming to study with us, the Live/Online course is taking place in class physically at Esmod dubai. International students unable to come to Dubai will follow the Live course Online remotely.


    • History of Marketing
    • Basic of Marketing (marketing Mix , SWOT)
    • Marketing Attitude and Behaviour 
    • Marketing Technics
    • Marketing and Fashion
    • Textile and clothing Industry
    • Identification of the fashion Market, and identification of YOUR Market 
    • Defining and Planning your market and your strategy
    • Consumer behaviour
    • Product Strategy 
    • Product Pricing
    • Distribution
    • Your Business Plan
    • Branding
    • Visual Merchandising 
    • Communication and Advertising 
    • Digital marketing Metaverse

    Post-Graduate Masterclass

  • Ashar Khan

    Faspiration modest fashion brand owner

    "I am launching my own modest fashion brand called Aspiration. I learned about the strategies that luxury brands are using and using this knowledge to implement them for our online sales and promotion".
  • Omar Salama

    Harper’s Bazaar Editorials & Creative solutions.

    "I learned a lot about marketing, in general, and the fashion industry, in particular. I use this knowledge every day in my work at Harper’s Bazaar. The program at Esmod Dubai gave me a great start to my career".
  • Vino Supraja

    Brand owner

    “Esmod Dubai was the catalyst for my sustainable fashion journey.Their Fashion business & Marketing course equipped me with vital business acumen,enabling me to navigate the industry's complexities. With a strong grounding in marketing and sustainability,I've embarked on a humble mission to catalyze change within the fashion world through our brand, Vino Supraja. Our focus is on crafting conscientious fashion that inspires positive industry transformation. Vino Supraja stands as a testament to our commitment to crafting eco-conscious fashion that not only showcases style but also exemplifies responsible practices.It's a brand dedicated to inspiring positive change in the industry through innovation and sustainability. Esmod Dubai: Where business meets creativity and sustainability, setting the stage for impactful fashion transformations”.