Specialization - Personal collection design & production

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  • 1 Year


  • 16.9.2024

    starting date

  • 30.6.2025

    ending date

  • 10:00 am - 5:00 pm

    Monday to Friday

  • Developing your first designer collection
    Accredited in France by the CNCP National Commision of Professional Certification Level II Baccalaureat + 3 yearsLicensed by the KHDA Dubai 

    3RD YEAR

    This year students learn the defining principles of design and construction of the specialization they have selected, they will then apply these principles to their own final collection. Students will also have the opportunity to express their creativity in the following disciplines: Creative Design, Virtual Fashion Design, Digital design, Sustainable fashion, Accessories, Textile Design, Leather & Fur, Photography, Styling, Graphic design.

    Students will be awarded by ESMOD FRANCE
    the Title of “Styliste Designer Mode” Bachelor Fashion Designer that is the French Bachelor Degree 180 ECTS Credits recognized internationally. Attested by the KHDA in Dubai.


    • Fashion Design Undergraduate Program year 2 must be completed
    • For ESMOD International network transfer students: Grades transcripts + proof of 1st year completion. For transfer students: Fashion Design & Pattern Making portfolio required.

  • Graduation 2018 3rd year Student show

    Graduation 2018 - 3rd year Student's Show

    On Monday 14th May 2018 the region's latest graduating cohort of talented fashion students from ESMOD Dubai presented their personal independent collections in a stunning show hosted at Dubai Design District. 27 emerging designers, newly graduated after 3 intensive years of creative training via the Fashion Design Undergraduate Program, showcased their collections under the categories of Ready-to-Wear, Luxury Ready-to-Wear, Creator and New Couture with 23 womenswear collections, 3 menswear collections and 1 kidswear collection.

  • graduation_2019_visual

    Graduation 2019 - 3rd year Student's Show

    On Thursday 20th June 2019 Esmod Dubai graduates had a chance to display their final collections focusing on an array of topics, including Emirati heritage, ethical fur and sustainable fashion. Co-Founder of ESMOD DUBAI Tamara Hostal commented: “It was a true honor to watch the graduate’s three years of hard work culminate in to such an electrifying presentation on Thursday night. The ESMOD DUBAI graduates represent Dubai’s latest batch of fashion talent who are working tirelessly to put Dubai on the map of internationally recognized fashion design". Grazia Magazine said "There are many phenomenal collections that truly capture the creativity found in the UAE's budding designers. A unique voice is found in each of the collections which makes for a diverse and rich experience ».

  • Alya Nassar

    2018 Graduate

    When I first joined Esmod I could’ve never thought how my hidden talents would sprout by the help of the many inspirations I have come across in this institution. Talents like drawing, stitching and sewing have significantly developed as I was never good at any of those. I would like to thank Esmod for shaping who I am as a person now and for providing me the platform to professionally follow my dreams!
  • Amal Al Khatib

    2018 Graduate

    Studying at Esmod Dubai, has taught me the capability of being a true fashion designer. From drawing figures, to technical drawings to stitching and designing. Esmod is the only fashion university that will give you the full condition to become a fashion designer and pattern maker.
  • Kevin Omatseye

    2018 Graduate

    Upon my arrival in Dubai I can truly say I was barely knowledgeable on the art of pattern making. Through a range of techniques taught I was able to master the skills. With this, I was able to diversify different stylistic devices in the fashion industry to come up with my own unique style .In the last three years ,I have acquired a complex yet immense  understanding on what truly is the influence behind this industry and I can truly deduce that nowhere else would have vastly enlightened me on this rather than Esmod Dubai. As for now l cannot wait to convey this to the world  .Esmod Dubai has honestly given me the greatest platform to become a Fashion Designer and a Pattern Maker. All my thanks go to the whole Esmod Dubai team and my classmates for being supportive and making my lifelong dream become a reality.
  • Kimya Gholizadeh

    2018 Graduate

    All my life i was thinking about the connection of art and society, fashion is the only form of art is reachable and understandable by most people . Here at Esmod dubai I learned to link my inner art to the outside world . Using the high tailoring and designing techniques. I am leaving this school with two full and heavy hands ; one full of precious moments and amazing memories with my loving teachers and life lasting friends, and two is a hand full of self confidence in my carrier because i have learned to give life to any idea that comes to my head thanks to esmod dubai’s team.