Discover How Style can influence your Career or Personal Life
by the former Harvey Nichols & Bloomingdales Head of styling.

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  • Fast track your knowledge as as a professional stylist with industry exposure through theoretical and practical skills.

    The Stylist Masterclass program, is a project driven curriculum tutored by practicing industry stylists and fashion insiders to fast track your knowledge as a professional stylist with industry exposure through theoretical and practical skills, Industry projects, online guests stylists lecturers meetings.

    The Fashion Styling Masterclass aims at providing you with the main constituents of fashion styling to help you develop your creative eye and your own creative interpretation of seasonal trends in line with current lifestyles and moods. You will be taken through the styling creative process from searching for inspirations, to creating mood boards and finding your own signature style.

    You will get to know the most influential fashion trends, decade by decade, through the history of style. You will understand how to correctly analyze the female body shapes and how to dress them. You will learn how to identify the different types of fashion personalities and which key items and accessories represent each style. 

    You will master the secret of dress codes to make sure to be always dressed with the right outfit at the right place. You will go through a practical guide on how to become a professional stylist working in any of these domains: editorial, fashion shows, private clients, e-commerce and many more. 

    Program bonus:
    Additionally, as you will be working with clients of different sizes and body shapes, we are offering as a bonus, sewing and garment alteration in the program for those who can come physically to ESMOD Dubai.

    On successful completion of the course, individuals can explore careers in
    • Editorial Styling for Magazines
    • Editorial Styling for Digital Media
    • Styling for Advertising & Creative Agencies
    • Personal Styling
    • Personal Shopping
    • Blogging
    • Movie & Show Styling
    • Styling for Events
    • Celebrity Styling
    • Styling for TV & Film
    • Commercial Styling
    • e-commerce

    ESMOD Dubai Fashion Styling Masterclass Certificate


    Introduction to style
    Definition of style
    Difference between fashion and style
    Elegance in fashion
    Examples and comparisons

    7 fashion personalities
    and their 
    Corresponding style
    Exercise and practice

    History of style
    Style silhouettes through modern fashion
    The 20’s
    The 30’s
    The 40’s
    The 50’s
    The 60’s
    The 70’s
    The 80’s
    The 90’s
    The latest trends

    Building modern silhouettes
    Modern silhouettes codes
    Exercise and practice

    Understanding body shapes
    and How to dress them

    Examples and practice

    Decoding dress codes
    Black tie
    Garden party
    Red carpet

    Smart casual

    Identifying trends and ideas
    Definition of colors - Color wheel 
    Trends - Trend colors 
    Sources of inspiration 
    Stages of trend development and fashion cycles 

    Working as a stylist
    Roles and responsibilities. 
    Styling for editorial
    Styling for fashion
    Styling for advertising
    Styling for e-commerce
    Commercial styling
    Styling for TV & movies

    Styling creative process
    Developing your creative styling identity

    Garments alterations
    Learn the basic of garment alteration
  • Angelika Bambi

    Fashion Stylist

    I graduated from fashion styling masterclass in Esmod Dubai . Thank you Ghada from the bottom of my heart for the knowledge ! You are a wonderful person inside and out. @angelikabambi 
  • Lama Aladdin

    Personal Stylist

    The Fashion Styling Masterclass at Esmod Dubai is a great foundation to start your career as a fashion or personal stylist. I can’t believe I only graduated a few months ago and with hard work, persistence, and determination I have built a successful career for myself. I have become a content creator on social media where I share styling tips and inspiration, I built my own website as a personal stylist, where clients can easily book a styling session with me, and I have joined the Style doctors’ team in Dubai, which are the official styling agency for the Mall of the Emirates. Thank you Esmod and Ghada Slim for this opportunity. 
  • Maria Abdelnour

    Fashion Stylist

    “I believe that every person has their own style but it needs a touch of creativity to make it a unique one. And this is what Miss Ghada taught me in Fashion Styling Masterclass. She pushed me to “Style outside the box” and step out of my comfort zone when it comes to creating a statement look".