Intensive program for students who want to focus their design
& technical competences in the hypest product of this decade:

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  • 3 months


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  • The program is designed to train participants to the different professional careers in Sportswear and Footwear Brand.
    The course is conducted by an Italian footwear Designer & Protypist.

    Intensive program for students who want to focus their design & technical competences in the hypest product of this decade: Sneakers. 

    The course curriculum combines theory with a large offer of practical classes and workshops, including guided field trips to key Fashion Luxury locations in Dubai and Materials Classes for Sportswear and Sneakers. 

    The course is taught by expert professionals from the industry to provide their experience and knowledge and who constantly update course content to ensure students are learning the latest skills and techniques for sneaker designs. 

    The aim of the course is to design a unique & personal sneaker concept and build a Capsule Collection around it, with an innovative and futuristic direction. 

    During the course you will have the professional tools to interpret market needs and merchandising aspects to better channel your creativity through the prism of innovation & technics. 

    By examining sneaker heritage, market trends and shoe collections structures from other brands, the program aims to incite the conception of products that reflect acumen & adaptability that the industry requires today.

    The program leads to exciting careers & opportunities !

    At the end of the course participants will learn the key skills and responsibilities of: 
    • A Sneaker Designer in a Design Team 
    • Sneaker Designer Freelancer 
    • Accessories Project Manager in a Fashion House 
    • Material Sourcing leader 
    • Sneaker Project Coordinator in a R&D Department of a Fashion House.
    The program is designed in six main steps & learning objectives 
    • Sneaker Heritage 
    • Concept to Sketch 
    • Briefing and Prototyping Development + Tech Pack 
    • Materials and Manufacture Techniques Overview
    • Illustration for Footwear 
    • Footwear Portfolio 
    Throughout the course, students will acquire a repertoire of professional roles: from a pure creative profession to a more technical profile, or a role that covers materials & research for innovative production techniques, or moreover professions related to merchandising management and the strategies behind collection planning. 

    The course is for individuals who have an interest in designing sneakers, sneakers collections
    From concepts to sketches up to preparing technical files for sneakers productions.


    - Continuous assessment during the course
    - Sneakers Design development 
    - Portfolio

    Sneakers Design Certificate


    Footwear Designer 
    Accessories Project Manager 
    Material Sourcing leader 
    Accessory Project Coordinator in a R&D Departments of a Fashion House.